Newly Upgraded 4K Version C100+ HD Mini Thumb Sport Camera

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Type : C100 1080P
Color : Black


1. C100+ is an upgraded version of C100, it has 2K/30fps more high-definition picture quality. It is as fast and convenient as the C100. Itstarts shooting immediately with one tap.

2. It is also very light. It can be worn on the chestthrough an accessory to shoot first-person perspective. TikTok dedicated video cameras.

3. With waterproof case. Water resistant to about 30 meters. This product can be used for shooting in the water with a waterproof case. It is specially designed for users who love swimming, surfing and other aspects related to water. Take C100+ to enjoy the new horizon!

4. C100+ is a small camera that can fit in your pocket. You can take advantage of its small size to take more different perspectives, showing enough creativity and affinity.

5. C100+ is also a web camera, with 2K/30fps high-definition image quality and low power consumption, continuous recording up to about 2.5 hoursH.265 compression format, can be used for network teaching, network live broadcast, video chat, network conference, home use and other application scenarios.

6. The body of this product is magnetic, and it can be installed at any angle you want with accessories! With your thoughts and creativity, you can shoot all kinds of perspectives you want to see.

7. In order to have a better visual experience for customers, this model has several different colors for you to choose your favorite color, making life more colorful.

8. The C100+ can be worn on the chest, and the first perspective can be. easily taken at any time, and you will never miss any wonderful moments.


Storage method: memory card, up to 128G (excluding memory card)

Package Included:

1X Camera
1X Waterproof Case
1X Back Clip
1X Frame Mount
1X Base Mount
1X Screw
1X Lanyard
1X Curved And Flat Mount
1X USB Cable
1X 3M Adhesive Sticker
1X Wiping Cloth